The Dietary Department serves as an integral part of patient care which provides medical nutritional therapy to patients according to the disease or medical condition. The team provides individual dietary consultation to patient and their family members and also conduct group educations for patient and the public. The department works as a team with physicians, physiotherapist and nurses to provide care to the patient. The mission of the dietary department is to provide high quality food and nutrition services by meeting the needs and expectations of the patients. Counseling of the patient and family is a core activity carried out which leads to better understanding of the diet plan. The department also extends counseling to outpatients with referrals.

Only hospital in the city which has full-fledged dietary services for inpatients. A team of dietitians and supportive staff will ensure safe and dependable dietary services. The department is certified by FSSI.

Department Vision

  • To provide medical nutrition therapy to patients with evidenced-based practices
  • Provide nutritionally wholesome and good quality food and beverages.
  • Maintain freshness and hygiene during preparation and serving
  • Timely food service to all inpatients.


  • All the aspects like physical, Emotional, Clinical, & Social are kept in mind while doing counselling. Best levels are made to individualize each and every patient diet plan to enhance or improve adherence and compliance to diet provide to the patient. 
  • To provide effective, evidence based nutritional assessment, dietary advice, and support to all in patients. 
  • Giving diet consultation and diet prescription to the inpatient and outpatient according to their disease condition.
  • Checking Ryles tube feed/ FJ preparation daily and making changes according to the disease condition and clinical data.
  • Providing health education to the patients and family regarding healthy and therapeutic diet, menu planning etc.

Services Offered

Inpatient Dietary services

  • All inpatients are screened for nutritional risk by qualified dietitians.
  • Individualized nutritional care is provided to all inpatients with a dietitian attending to each one of them.
  • Nutritional disorders like diabetes Mellitus
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal and liver disorder
  • Kidney disorders
  • Neurological disorders
  • Weight management and bariatric surgery
  • PCOS/Anemia/Gout
  • Enteral feeding/Jejunostomy feeding etc.
  • Out Dieticians work with the Medical team to provide optimal nutritional support to critically ill/injured patients with life-threatening conditions.
  • A Therapeutic diet is being provided to each inpatient according.

Outpatient Dietary Service

  • Access and identify patients with great nutritional risk and recommend customised diet plan
  • The dietitians in this clinic not only plan diets specific for your needs but will also educate on healthy eating habits and lifestyle modifications.
  • Information on safe dietary practices will also be provided.

Community Nutrition programmes

  • The department also works towards promoting good health by educating the public and other health professionals about diet and nutrition.
  • Participating in various camps, both in-house and outside to educate people on healthy eating and healthy living.
  • Diet expos are conducted on safe dietary practices and ways to prevent deficiency and diseases.